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I copy-pasted this from fresh_paint's journal. Here's the way I see it: All these people will boycott LJ for a day or do something equally pointless; why not take a minute to do something that proves you're a good human being?

Apparently, an "artist" named Guillermo Vargas recently tied a stray dog up as a display in a gallery and starved him to death as a "statement" on the state of the world.

Click here to read the full story.

In this photo, you can see that the dog, named "Natividad," clearly has some sort of dermatological condition, quite possibly mange. Other photos showcase her emaciated body. The gallery, after much scrutinization, reported that the dog got free after only one day in the museum, according to the HSUS website. We may never know what actually happened, but the bottom line is that this artist claims to have starved the dog to death, is PROUD of this fact, and has been invited to participate with an identical display at the Visual Arts Biennial of Central America in 2008.

Artistic license does not extend so far as to allow a person to torture another sentient, living creature, and this sort of "art" should not be accepted or glorified!

Please, please, please sign the following petition and tell others to do the same!

Click here to sign.


Animal cruelty isn't art. :\ I know I have good-hearted people on my list, so I'll repost this link again for the people who aren't inclined to click the cut: Click here to sign the petition and at least build up some karma, damn it.

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I saw this on MySpace, and thought it was absolutely disgusting. Why is that art? Well, why is it considered so, anyways? I mean, ergh, he should be locked away man. I signed the petition, like 3 times lol.

The way I see it, if he wanted to make a "statement about the world," he should have starved himself. :\ Honestly, I see nothing artistic in it. Although, I've noticed with modern art, if you claim you have a deeper meaning, it's accepted. That still doesn't explain why no one told this moron what he was doing was wrong.

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