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Writer's Block: Give me a sign
If your astrological sign has changed, do you think your personality more resembles your current or past sign?

LJ is also WAY late to the party considering the Facebook freak out happened a month or two ago.

No one's sign changed because the people who are the extra sign have always been based on the AKA the Sidereal Zodiac and the Western Zodiac purposely left Ophiuchus out many a moon ago because it was easier to divide twelve signs into twelve months versus thirteen signs into twelve months. Plus, I researched astrological signs a while back because I wanted my characters to be as fleshed out as possible and already knew there was a thirteenth, so it didn't came as a surprise and if I had posted about it, I probably could have made the meme. Aw.

I'm much more Aquarius than I am Capricorn, though. I procrastinate. I'm eccentric and stubborn with an overactive imagination that keeps me awake at night because I'm afraid of the space between my bed and the wall because I had a dream that my dead brother lived there and was going to pull himself out. I have no interest in what's trendy and can be unrelentingly analytical. I'm absentminded in some regards, but can usually recite facts long forgotten when in a debate or argument. I don't like showing emotions and I enjoy spending time alone.

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After I saw the facebook freak out, which was intense and ridiculous, I looked up articles and all of them basically said that the zodiac we use was set up that way for a reason, so it wasn't going to change just because someone else figured out that there should be another sign thrown in.

It's funny, because in 10th grade the two girls who sat beside me in Biology were reading a book on astrology they'd checked out from the library and one of them turned to me and said, "You're an Aquarius, aren't you?" And I was like, "What the hell? HOW ARE YOU MAGIC?" :P

yeah its funny because every once in awhile i'll cross someone who doesnt seem like they know it, but tries to guess my sign, and alot of people say gemini. but then i say, no, im a cancer, and theyre like, "yeah, that makes alot of sense". LOL

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