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Mostly Friends Only.

This go-round, I'll do this in bullet form.

  • Aquarius
  • Married
  • Quarter of a century old
  • Relatively friendly
  • Overuses the :P emoticon
  • Occasional icon maker/fic writer
  • Prone to "squeeing"
  • Easily amused
  • Meme-tastic
  • Has been known to pic-spam
  • Loves making new friends

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Ah, the fabulous Marylin. *Pokes icon . . . again* Dammit!

*nods* I got tired of the scrunched Willow and Horny!Giles. :p
*pokes icon too*
Hey...when you're back online, do you want to think of LJ names for...*whispers* those un-poser people? :p

*waves sadly* Bye, Horny!Giles.

*waves sadly too* I'll miss you Horny!Giles!

How can you now love the beautiful Marilyn? Can I be a friend? Peeerty please?

Marilyn was aweeeeeesome.
And of course! What's up, yo? :p

And yes... I am a moron. *slaps forehead*. I wrote now instead of not. I have jelly fingers from being away so long. And yay for the friends. And Marilyn kicked ass! I used to have a poster of her on the back of my door. I'm too cool for words, I know.

Not much. Just busy with schooool. It's sucking my life away from me and I'm just watching it go. *waves bye*

And you?

I knew what you meant...and yeah, typos are soooo easy to make in comments. It's weird. :p

:O! Lucky! I want to order one. :p

*waves bye too* Aw. :(

Pretty much the same...except that I'm attempting to break outta the fandom. :p

The wars and general unappreciation/asskissage got old. :p
*shrugs* TUR would still be up, though. Well, once we get off our asses and reopen it. :p

The name of the game, eh? But I'm glad that TUR will still be up. That makes me happy. I check back there every once in a while and still see Willow and have to frown... when will you guys get that up?? I'm super excited about it!

I have nooooooo idea. I'm getting antsy and tempted to say "Screw trying to finish the updates!"

I hope it'll be worth all the time. Did Lez tell you that we're doing the second layout? :p We had this orange-y one then we got tired of it before it even debuted. And now...shhhhhhhhh. :p

I added you to my new journal.

Hey sugah-sex! Which sounds kind of sticky and gross, but whatever.

Pouring straight sugar onto someone sounds more appealing than some of the things we've read about though. Honey, some kind of cream rotting in the cooch - next thing you know you have an insect civilization making their home in there and

wow, that got away from me.

Blah. Tummy ache. Where are you? When shall we assplot?

(Deleted comment)
I love new friends, so I very much don't mind. :D
Added back, and saw you were a Buffy fan. FANTASTIC. Now I feel a lot less self-conscious about my friends only banner. :p

Hey there! I finally remembered to log in over here and add you. Your letter will be out Tuesday. :o) Talk to you soon.


Yay! I'm going to try to do much better and not let time get away from me again. :P

You seem like a cool person. I'd really like to get to know you better. Friends? :)

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